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Message from Mr. Mohammad Sadiq, Ambassador of Pakistan, on the Shahadat of Professor Syed Burhanuddin Rabbani, Chairman of the High Peace Council (October 2011) ... Read English ... Pushto ... Dar

Ambassador Sadiq's Remarks at Grand Lunch celebrating Pakistan Day in Kabul (30 March 2011) .... Read English... Pushto,.. Dari

Ambassador Sadiq's Statement at Fourth Regional Economic Cooperation Conference on Afghanistan (RECCA) at Istanbul (2-3 November 2010)... more

Ambassador Sadiq's Remarks on Perspectives on Reconciliation in Afghanistan: at the Second Meeting of Abu Dhabi Process (4-6 October 2010)... more

Ambassador Sadiq's Remarks at Paksitan Day Lunch at Kabul on 5 April 2010 ...more

Ambassador Mohammad Sadiq remarks at the National Day Reception-Dinner at Embassy of Pakistan Kabul on 30th March 2009 ....more

Post 9/11 environment and the role of media in shaping it: (Talk delivered at National Media Workshop held by the National Defence University (NDU) Islamabad) on 17th November 2008 ....more

Islam and Muslims in South Asia DCM Sadiq's lecture at the American University, Washington D.C On October 7, 2004. ....more






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