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The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the Islamic Republic of Pakistan:

Affirming the enduring ties of friendship and amity that exist between the peoples and governments of the Islamic Republics of Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Acknowledging their special bond grounded in history and geography and spiritual, cultural and civilizational affinities that impart a compelling sense of shared destiny.

Reaffirming their mutual commitment to respect each other's sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity, consolidate good neighbourly relations, and uphold the principles of the United Nations Charter.

Emphasizing that strong Pakistan-Afghanistan ties are important for regional peace, security and development.
Recalling Kabul Declaration on Good Neighbourly Relations of 22 December 2002.

Also recalling in this regard, the Joint Declaration on Directions of Bilateral Cooperation signed between Pakistan and Afghanistan on 6 January 2009 in Kabul.

Determined to realize the full potential of their vast human and natural resources for the progress and prosperity of their peoples.
Have decided to take the following Next Steps to consolidate their Comprehensive Bilateral Cooperation:


To develop a roadmap for strengthening road, rail and air connectivity and upgrade existing facilities.

In this context, the two countries attached priority to undertaking completion of Peshawar-Jalalabad Expressway and completing feasibility study of Peshawar-Jalalabad rail link.

To operationalize transport corridors on mutually agreed routes and to expand aviation links and extend Bus Services to additional destinations; undertake joint studies on promotion and facilitation of Multi-Modal Transport, and enhance communication links.
Trade and Investment

To facilitate the bilateral trade between Afghanistan and Pakistan to optimally utilize the natural comparative economic advantage of the two countries; to take requisite measures to enhance bilateral trade to $ 5 billion by the Year 2015; develop plans of action for customs harmonization and trade facilitation.

To pool public and private corporate resources for reconstruction and development. In this regard, the two sides will establish a Silk Route CEOs Forum, as well as establish Pakistan-Afghanistan Reconstruction Consortium.

To explore establishment of a Joint Investment Company to undertake joint development projects, including initiatives to develop the region's vast mineral and hydel wealth; also consider setting up Economic and Industrial Zones.


To enhance the number of scholarships for Afghan students in Pakistani educational institutions from the present one thousand to two thousand; to make special arrangements for female Afghan students, and to set up an Institute on Management, Business Administration and Faculty Training in Afghanistan.

Capacity Building

To cooperate closely in capacity building of institutions. In this context, the Government of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan offered extending all assistance to the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, in setting up new capacity building institutions and upgrading the existing ones, in Afghanistan.

Agriculture & Environment

To enhance cooperation in the agricultural sector including food processing, consider creation of a Pakistan-Afghanistan Food Bank to strengthen food security, initiate joint research in agriculture and crops substitution programmes.

To initiate comprehensive dialogue on environmental protection and mitigating impact of climate change.


To evolve joint strategies for early implementation of trans-Afghan energy projects, with particular focus on CASA-1000 and Turkmenistan-Afghanistan- Pakistan Gas Pipeline.

People to People Contacts

To further strengthen people to people contacts, and promote exchanges among intellectuals, parliamentarians, journalists, academia and students.

To establish close links among the media including print, radio and television of the two countries and to promote cultural exchanges.

Done at Islamabad on 11 of March, the Year Two Thousand and Ten.

Makhdoom Shah Mahmood Qureshi,
Foreign Minister Islamic Republic of Pakistan
Dr. Zalmai Rassoul

March 11, 2010



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