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Ambassador Sadiq visits Panjsher (19 July 2009)

Governor Haji Bahlol Bahij welcomes Ambassador Sadiq

Meeting with Governor Haji Bahlol Bahij

Exchange of gifts

After offering Fateha on the grave of Ahmad Shah Massoud

Writing comments in the visitors' book at Massoud's mausoleum

The under-construction Massoud mausoleum


View of the under-construction Massoud mausoleum complex

Receiving briefing on the construction of Massoud mausoleum

Speaking to media at Massoud mausoleum

Interview with Panjsher Radio

Lunch with elders of Panjsher

Meeting the elders

A view of Panjsher River

Another view of Panjsher River

Trees in Panjsher River



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