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Ambassador Sadiq visit Masjid-e-Sabz, Rabia Balkhi's grave, the ruins of Balkh Fort and Ziarat of Hazrat Sheesh AS (son of Hazrat Adam) in the historic Central Asian city of Balkh (21 Feb 2010)


The historic Masjid-e-Sabz (Green Mosque) of Balkh, northern Afghanistan

The Balkh Mosque

In front of the Balkh Mosque-


The interior of Balkh Mosque

The interior of Balkh Mosque

Inside the Balkh Mosque


The stairs leading to the basement of the mosque

The basement of the Balkh Mosque where great mystics of the time used to meditate

Mazar of Rabia Balkhi, the first Persian poetess

On the grave of Rabia Balkh in the basement

Offering Fateha on the grave of Rabia Balkhi

The famous fort of Balkh which was destroyed by Ganges Khan

Standing on the ruins of Balkh Fort

A village seen from the Balkh Fort

A walk on the ruins of Balkh Fort

On the grave of Hazrat Sheesh AS the son of Prophet Adam

Majawars on the grave of Sheesh AS




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