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Ambassador Sadiq's visit to Heratan, Amu Darya and Friendship Bridge in  Balkh Province ,  Northern Afghanistan (20 Feb 2010)

City government offices of Heratan-a port on Amu Darya

With Qazi Mohammad Najeeb, Mayor of Heratan

Chapins (traditional robes) presented by the Mayor

A view of Amu Darya-the border between former Soviet Union and Afghanistan

Amu Darya with Uzbek city of Tirmiz on the other side-Imam Al Tirmidhi was born in Tirmiz

ISAF troops on the bank of Amu Darya

The Friendship Bridge - the Soviet troops withdrew through this bridge

ISAF troops on a site-seeing tour of the Friendship Bridge


On the bank of Amu Darya, Friendship Bridge is in the background

Ambassador Sadiq and his team

Amu and Friendship Bridge in the background

Ambassador Sadiq and Consul General Ziad Khan

The abondened Soviet barracks

The abondened Soviet barracks

The destroyed weaponry of Soviet Army-Afghanistan is called the greveyard of empires

Yes Afghanistan has railways-this one linked Heratan Port with the Soviet Union





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