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Message from Mr. Mohammad Sadiq, Ambassador of Pakistan, on the Shahadat of Professor Syed Burhanuddin Rabbani, Chairman of the High Peace Council (October 2011) ... Read English ... Pushto ... Dari

Ambassador Sadiq's Remarks at Grand Lunch celebrating Pakistan Day in Kabul (30 March 2011) ... Read English ... Pushto ... Dari

Ambassador Sadiq's Statement at Fourth Regional Economic Cooperation Conference on Afghanistan (RECCA) at Istanbul (2-3 November 2010)... Read

Ambassador Sadiq's Remarks on Perspectives on Reconciliation in Afghanistan: at the Second Meeting of Abu Dhabi Process (4-6 October 2010)... Read

Iqbal's Thoughts on the People and Land of Afghanistan and their Relevance for Pakistan - an article by Ambassador Sadiq, (1 May 2010) ... Read

Ambassador Sadiq's Remarks at Paksitan Day Lunch at Kabul on 5 April 2010. Read

Ambassador Sadiq's article "Pakistan-Afghanistan: The Conjoined Twins" published by Daily Outlook Kabul on Pakistan Day (23 March 2010)... Read

Interview with Daily Outlook Kabul (19 November 2009) on Pak-Afghan relations... Read

Post 9/11 environment and the role of media in shaping it: (Talk delivered at National Media Workshop held by the National Defence University (NDU) Islamabad on 17 November, 2008...Read

Ambassador of Pakistan to Afghanistan

Mohammad Sadiq (MS) is a career diplomat. He is currently Pakistan’s Ambassador to Afghanistan. Immediately before this assignment he served as the official Spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He had earlier served in key diplomatic positions in Washington, Beijing and Brussels.

During his diplomatic assignments, MS had focused on organizing overseas Pakistanis to play a more active role in their adopted countries, developing their databases and electronic mass mailing systems.

MS has spoken at numerous educational institutions and think-tanks in Pakistan and abroad. He also writes on international relations issues Click for Bio >>


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